Mike Milan - Masquerade

Artist: Mike Milan

Producer: Marvul$

Album: YOUTH

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For many men, being boyfriend #2 is a painful, even heartbreaking experience. Mike Milan, on the other hand, enjoys the Masquerade. On this freshly-minted mixtape single, his first Booth feature since May’s Fly Children, Marvul$‘s ethereal synth production sets the mood as the NYC rhymesayer addresses a woman he’s been seeing behind her steady man’s back. Though he clearly gets a kick out of undercover loving, he knows the girl in question is suffering from her double life; on the back, he urges her to swallow her insecurities and let desire take the reins. Fans will be able to find this steamy jam and much more on Mike Milan’s YOUTH LP, scheduled to hit the net at a yet-unscheduled date in early 2014.

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Written by on Nov 15, 2013

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