Mike Jones - Crunch ‘n Munch

Artist: Mike Jones

Producer: Mr. Collipark

Album: The Voice of the Streets

Avg Rating: 10321 1.9 ( 32 votes )


Although his long-delayed sophomore album The American Dream hasn’t yet been released (and won’t until November 20), Mike Jones is already releasing a new track from his third album, The Voice of the Streets.  On the new smoker’s anthem, Mr. Jones explains that everyone’s favorite buttery-toffee popcorn, Crunch ‘n Munch, is his preferred post-smoking “munchie.”  Probably high when he recorded the cut, not even Mr. ColliPark‘s simplistic production can save Jones’ even lazier-than-usual flow.  However, if ConAgra Foods is looking for a new spokesman, they might want to hit up Jones on his cell phone; they shouldn’t have trouble finding his number.

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Written by on Oct 22, 2007

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