Mike Jay - Real Strippers

Artist: Mike Jay

Producer: JR Rotem

Album: The Mike Jay EP

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If you don’t care to listen to a song entitled Real Strippers, well, then you are just no fun. If you don’t want to watch the video for a song entitled Real Strippers, well, than you probably don’t deserve your eyes. If you prefer both a good time and your vision, than allow me to introduce you to Mike Jay‘s latest video single. Trying his hand at the classic sub-genre of ‘strip club anthem,’ it would appear that Mike knows just what to do. The Virgin Records signee (and Booth newcomer) gets his wallets open and the booty’s popping with a light, breezy R&B style that seems to glide atop the track. Speaking of the beat, super producer JR Rotem‘s boardwork couldn’t be more on point for the vibe of the record. It has a glossy synth foundation that blends with Jay’s smooth R&B vocals perfectly, but he also keeps it twerk-tastick with an array of intoxicating drums and claps. As for the video, well, I think you know what to expect. This effort can be found on The Mike Jay EP, available online for free download.

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Written by Lucas G. on 04/18/14

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Virgin Records

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Birthday Suit" (2014)

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Mike Jay


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