Mika Means - Everybody Knows Me

Artist: Mika Means

Featuring: Lil Wayne

Producer: Meco The Great

Album: Untitled (TBD)

Avg Rating: 10321 1.7 ( 28 votes )


Back in October of ‘08, Universal Motown signee Mika Means introduced herself to the Booth with Spend Ya Money, a track that earned largely unfavorable reader reviews thanks in part to the ATL native’s left-of-center, androgynous vocal style. Fast-forward to ‘09 and Mika’s back on our frontpage with the hopefully-named Everybody Knows Me, a buzz cut which finds her ditching the voice box and… rocking a slight weed-smoker’s rasp? After a joint-sparking intro, Means gets down to business, partying the night away over a simmering synth-percussion beat by Meco The Great and offering fellow clubgoers the somewhat dubious advice, “If you ain’t makin’ it then fake it, no matter what the cost is.” Weezy F. takes over on the back end, capping the track off with a little game-spitting and a dash of off-kilter wordplay. So, does Mika Means’ distinctive brand of club-pop sound fresher the second time around (and a year later)? If you think so, keep it locked to the Booth for more info on her forthcoming studio album, which has yet to receive a title or a solid release date.

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Written by on 10/15/09

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Universal Motown

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"Spend Ya Money" (2008)

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Mika Means


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