Mellowhype ft. Frank Ocean - Astro

Artist: Mellowhype

Featuring: Frank Ocean

Producer: Hodgy Beats

Album: Numbers

Avg Rating: 32101 3.5 ( 14 votes )


Some members of hip-hop’s latest generation have an agonizing, love-hate relationship with their success. Hodgy Beats and Left Brain of Mellowhype, on the other hand, are having the time of their f**king lives. On their Booth debut, album inclusion Astro, the duo team up with Odd Future‘s breakout star to offer a counterbalance to peers in the game who’ve been “takin’ life too serious.Frank Ocean‘s guest hook (“Think I’ma wear the yellow tux at the Grammys / And rock out with my c**k out…”) sets the mood for this upbeat jam, which finds the duo reveling in the fruits of their labors over Hodgy’s own minimal, yet anthemic synth production. Craving more? You don’t have long to wait—Numbers is scheduled to hit iTunes tomorrow, October 9, for digital purchase.

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Written by on Oct 08, 2012

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