Mélat - nevr

Artist: Mélat

Producer: WoodysProduce

Album: Side B

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Why be a fool to love one too many times?” It’s tough to answer such a rhetorical question while consoling a friend, especially followed by “I fell in love and now I found never” (as in never falling in love again). The best of luck to all of Mélat‘s close friends, because I would be just as determined to shirk all chances at love after hearing that disappointing conclusion. For her new single, the purposely misspelled nevr, the Austin singer/songwriter shares a kind of breakup that sticks with you forever in a negative way. All is not lost, though, thanks to the harpsichord used by producer WoodysProduce that gives the song a liberating feeling. I guess she’ll hold on to the love of her music, which might be more than enough for her. nevr is part of Mélat’s currently running Side B Series.

Mélat R&B/PopIndie

Written by on May 08, 2014

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