Meech - Thicka Than A Snicka

Artist: Meech

Producer: Brian Kennedy

Album: Unreleased

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The hip-hop game seems to be getting younger and younger by the minute. Soulja Boy, 17, and Hurricane Chris, 18, enjoyed overnight celebrity stardom after their catchy, ring tone caliber rhymes caught fire.  Kids across America have been enthusiastically proclaiming “super soak that hoe” and “ay bay bay” like there is no tomorrow.  Minneapolis rapper, Meech, is hoping to share that same success at age 15 with the single, Thicka Than A Snicka.  Just reading the title, you can’t help but wonder how someone could think of such a thing.  In the song, Meech raps about the various characteristics he loves in a lady, the most noticeable being that she is thicka than a snicka.  Don’t be surprised if this fresh new phrase invades your brain.

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Written by on 10/21/07

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"No Chaser" (2012)

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