MdotforMayor ft. Mibbs & Add-2 - The Pie

Artist: MdotforMayor

Featuring: Mibbs, Add-2

Producer: MdotforMayor

Album: Models Suck

Avg Rating: 32121 3.0 ( 2 votes )


My mother always told me never to have dessert before dinner, but obviously she needs to take a page from MdotforMayor’s book. Though the main course, his Models Suck album, isn’t due out until October, the artist has given us a slice of The Pie as an appetizer. MdotforMayor does all the cooking himself, creating a flow-friendly beat set off by careening percussion. He shares a slice of the beat with Mibbs (of Cali trio PacDiv), who showcases a similarly blunted, laid-back style, and Add-2, who finishes off The Pie, adding a little spice with a much quicker, blistering verse. If The Pie hit the spot,  you’re highly encouraged to check out the artist’s last feature, July’s Give It to You.

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Written by on Aug 21, 2013

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