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Artist: Mayo

Producer: Nova

Album: The Most Known Nobody EP

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Whenever an emcee “blows up,” there will always be a segment of their individual listening populace who believes they “sold out.” While sacrificing content for coin is, in fact, selling out, there is nothing wrong with making a dollar or two (million) in exchange for some real hip-hop; rappers gotta eat too! I know Mayo knows what I’m talking about. On his first Booth feature spot since January, the Chi-Town emcee makes it crystal clear that he is rapping to reach Jay-Z’s Lifestyle, but, as you can hear, he refuses to make factory made hip-hop. Backed by producer Nova’s minimalist, snare-driven beat, Mayo uses his exuberant, youthful flow to share his big dreams. His style is so relatable and personable, you will definitely find yourself hoping he makes his dreams come true; if he keeps this up it won’t be long. Those looking for more will find what they need on Mayo’s forthcoming release, The Most Known Nobody EP.

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Written by Lucas G. on 07/7/13

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First DJ Booth Appearance:
"All Day" (2012)

Total DJ Booth Features:
10 Songs



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