Marz Lovejoy ft. Hippie Sabotage - One Night Only

Artist: Marz Lovejoy

Featuring: Hippie Sabotage

Producer: Hippie Sabotage

Album: elePhant Soundz

Avg Rating: 32101 3.7 ( 3 votes )


Parents of today can’t complain about a lack of role models in today’s music scene when someone like Marz Lovejoy is killing it (translation: in a good way). The L.A. singer has kept herself busy by working with Grammy award-winning producer Om’Mas Keith (Frank Ocean, Sa-Ra), modeling for Black Scale, and acting in director John Stockwell and producer Gordon Bijelonic’s film, Kid Cannabis. Luckily, she somehow has found the time to have a run in with a guy she immediately vibed with, even if it was for One Night Only. On the latest single off her upcoming debut project, elePhant Soundz, Marz taps into production duo Hippie Sabotage‘s robotic, yet soft to the touch sound. You can expect more collaborations like this in the near future.

Marz LovejoyHippie Sabotage R&B/PopIndie

Written by on May 07, 2014

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