Maryann - Love Music

Artist: Maryann

Producer: N8 the Gr8

Album: Futuristic Always

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Some songs, like those which are accompanied by a stupid dance or are about a day of the week (Friday to be exact), make me hate music. Thankfully, there are artists like Maryann,  who create songs that make me Love Music all over again. While this is her first Booth feature spot, Maryann has no problem getting intimate with her fans. As N8 the Gr8’s steamy, ambient beat, sprinkled with little effects and twinges, shimmers, Maryann wrestles with listeners between the sheets. While the video is undoubtedly captivating, her effortless, floating vocals are really what you’ll remember and crave more of. If you Love Music, than you have to keep her upcoming album, Futuristic Always, on your radar. The set is scheduled for release this fall.

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Written by on Aug 04, 2013

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