Manicanparty - Bow Through My Heart

Artist: Manicanparty

Producer: Manicanparty

Album: Manicanparty EP

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I can’t say I’ve ever partied with a Manican, but I did once watch Andrew McCarthy party with a Mannequin. Is alternative pop group Manicanparty‘s name a nod to that classic ‘80s flick, or did I just show how old I am? Either way, here’s what I do know about Manicanparty: they’re comprised of singer/songwriter Jessica Corazza and producer Patrick Morrissey, they’re from Minnesota, and their new single Bow Through My Heart is a must listen. With Morrissey setting the pace with an instrumental that contains hints of everything from Florence and the Machine to Timbaland, Corazza delivers equally impassioned and eclectic vocals. If you’re digging Bow be sure to keep an ear out for Manicanparty’s currently untitled EP, due out this fall. Maybe by then we’ll also learn the origins of their unique name.

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Written by on Jul 24, 2012

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