Maffew Ragazino - Short Yellow Bus Theory

Artist: Maffew Ragazino

Producer: Geng Grizzly

Album: Rhymepays

Avg Rating: 21021 2.5 ( 2 votes )



I’ve listened to Maffew Ragazino‘s latest album leak, Short Yellow Bus Theory, twice now, and I’m still not sure what it has to do with buses—and it’s not particularly theoretical or short, for that matter. Not that that makes the Brooklyn repersentative’s trash talk-packed bars any less bruising, or Geng Grizzly‘s boom-bap boardwork any less fresh. If you’re digging it, plenty more awaits on Ragazino’s debut studio album, Rhymepays, set to drop on August 25. In the meantime, why not check out his contribution to and SMKA‘s recent compilation EP, The Report?

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Written by on Aug 05, 2011

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