Mack 10 & Glasses Malone - Got It Like That

Artist: Mack 10 & Glasses Malone

Producer: Fingazz

Album: Money Muzik

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Air conditioning may be a convenient way to cool down, but it also eats up energy like there’s no tomorrow. Fortunately, hip-hop scientists have discovered a much more efficient alternative: simply give Glasses Malone and Mack 10 a call, and tell them to bring a couple bottles of Rozay. As the Inglewood natives explain on new radio single (and their Booth debut as a duo) We Got It Like That, they’re cool enough to withstand even the most sweltering temperatures. Over Fingazz’ summery yet appropriately chilled-out synth instrumental, Mack and Malone describe a day in the life of a professional hustler: expensive liquors, plenty of “bad b*tches” by the pool, the whole works. Topped off with the producer’s head-nodding chorus vocals and a Roger Troutman-style vocoded guest verse, this cut is sure to earn a spot on countless listeners’ warm-weather playlists. For more Money Muzik from these West Coast mainstays, check out their forthcoming collaborative full-length when it hits store shelves on July 13.

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Written by on 05/12/10

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Hoo-Bangin/Cash Money/Division Music

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Everybody Gotta Go" (2011)

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1 Songs

Mack 10 & Glasses Malone


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