M.i - That ‘67

Artist: M.i

Producer: M.i

Album: The 7th Album

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According to Sigmund Freud, the visions that flit across our consciousness while we’re slumbering are always the expressions of wishes. Given the crazy sh*t my brain comes up with, I sometimes doubt it, but it’s easy to see his point when it comes to dreams like the one M.i. describes on his latest single. Over his own eminently chill, guitar-laced beat, the Austin repper tells us all about That ‘67 Caddy that’s been omnipresent in his sleeping and waking fantasies, ever “since [he] first saw it in a movie.” Like what you’re hearing? Then stay tuned; M.i’s self-produced LP, The 7th Album, is due out July 7. In the meantime, we’ll keep you supplied with fresh singles and release details leading up to its eventual arrival.

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Written by on Jun 09, 2014

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M.i - The 7th Album Cover
Artist: M.i
Album: The 7th Album
Equipped with a rented bass guitar, a half-broken Roland D70 used as a MIDI keyboard, an electric guitar, a folder full of drums and a copy of ProTools, Austin, Tx. emcee/producer M.i is back with a brand new studio album.... More
Posted on Jul 08, 2014

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