Lyfe Jennings ft. Lil’ Wayne - Brand New

Artist: Lyfe Jennings

Featuring: Lil Wayne

Album: Change

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The first musical-usage of a vocoder (vocal synthesizer) was by electronic music pioneers Wendy Carlos and Robery Moog in 1970.  Since then, the vocoder has morphed into a ‘voice box’ and of late has taken over the industry.  Re-popularized by T-Pain last year, artists such as Chris Brown and Snoop Dogg have jumped on board the box in favor of their true studio vocals.  Clearly succumbing to industry peer pressure, Lyfe Jennings has followed the leader and used the revolutionary device on the new cut, Brand New.  Interestingly enough, as popular as voice box-usage has been, Lil’ Wayne’s presence on a feature verse has been just as fashionable.  Which will fade faster?  The voice box or Weezy?  We’ll see if both are still popular when Lyfe’s new album, Change, drops in February.

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Written by on Jan 07, 2008

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