Loot - Fresh

Artist: Loot

Producer: Hifonics

Album: Get You Some

Avg Rating: 10321 1.7 ( 13 votes )


One of the most common themes in hip-hop is the art of displaying a fresh-bravado.  Giving the topic a bit of—for lack of a better word—freshness, NYC-native Loot shows off his swagger with an old-school hip-hop rhyme scheme.  Assisting in this time-travel-to-the-‘80s is beat maker Hifonics, whose percussion work and classic samples turn the topic of Fresh from “just plain old” to “classic.”  Familiar sounds and present appeal usually mix together well; hopefully Loot can hold true once his debut, Get You Some, rocks shelves later this year.


Written by on 01/30/08

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First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Mad World" (2010)

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2 Songs


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