Load B - Rebellion

Artist: Load B

Producer: Chemist

Album: Debauchery

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I recently had the chance to visit Portland, Oregon, which I must say was a great time. Between a million beer options, a place that serves maple bacon donuts and a breakfast spot that makes their own biscuits, Portland is fairly close to my heaven. Oh yeah, and they also have a killer music scene. One product of the Pacific Northwest are Booth newcomers Brill and Milc of Load B. On the pair’s latest single, Rebellion, producer Chemist concocts a grungy, slapping beat that is draped with a bubbly, chiming effect that serves the duo’s varying styles well. While their individual flows may differ—alternating between a booming grimy style and a crisp, higher-pitched flow—they share a similarly raucous vibe that makes the record a colorful listen. You can find Rebellion on Load B’s newly released album, Debauchery, available for purchase via Bandcamp.

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Written by Lucas G. on 06/7/13

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"Grey Poupon" (2015)

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