Lil Nardy ft. S.T. 2 Lettaz - The Glow

Artist: Lil Nardy

Featuring: S.T. 2 Lettaz

Producer: DBeatz

Album: Up in Smoke

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No, Booth newcomer Lil Nardy wasn’t vacationing in Chernobyl this summer. That pale light emanating from the Mobile, Alabama emcee’s body is The Glow of impending stardom. On this street-ready cut, the inaugural release off his next mixtape, a booming DBeatz production backs the artist as he flaunts his God-given talents and cuts his competition down to size. He delivers his braggadocio and trash-talk with a revolutionary political twist, comparing himself to “a Black Panther with a pistol,” and telling rivals, “I’m more like Marcus Garvey, y’all n**gas like Steve Harvey.S.T. 2 Lettaz, the G-Side alum who brought us The G back in February, contributes a larger-than-life guest 16. Has The Glow left you craving more? Then keep it locked for further singles leading up to the September 30, release of Lil Nardy’s forthcoming, DJ Burn One/Dirty Glove Bastard-hosted street album, Up in Smoke.

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Written by on Sep 05, 2013

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