Lil’ Mama ft. T-Pain - Shatwy Get Loose

Artist: Lil' Mama

Featuring: T-Pain

Producer: T-Pain

Album: The Voice of the Young People/Smokin' R&B, Vol. 8 Mixtape

Avg Rating: 21021 2.3 ( 32 votes )


Despite receiving a massive amount of media coverage over the past year (thanks to the success of Lip Gloss and her verse on Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend remix), the executives at Jive Records have yet to grant Lil’ Mama a solid release date for her debut, Voice of the Young People.  Hoping to give the suits some incentive, Mama collabs with urban music’s most common go-to-guy, T-Pain, for Shawty Get Loose.  Before overlooking this track because of its feature, give Lil’ Mama a chance; her addictive flow sounds like she’s surfing the beat.  The ideal song for teen club DJ’s to rotate late at night, Shawty Get Loose will translate into more promotion for the teen sensation and a date in which the new Voice of the Young People will be heard.

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Written by on Dec 16, 2007

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