Lil Jon - I'm A J ft. Fabo & Gucci Mane

Artist: Lil Jon

Featuring: Fabo, Gucci Mane

Producer: Lil' Jon

Album: Crunk Rock

Avg Rating: 21021 2.5 ( 42 votes )


Lil’ Jon dropped the number one hit single Snap Your Fingers back in the spring of 2006. Since then, very little material has been heard from The King of Crunk; fans anxiously awaiting the solo album, Crunk Rock (scheduled for released next year). With a mediocre response for the single, Act A Fool, Lil Jon is hoping to recapture the hype on I’m A J with two of ATL’s biggest rising stars, Fabo of D4L and Gucci Mane. The record is everything you would expect from a Lil Jon produced track: a screaming hook backed up by a heavy bass-line and powerful high-hat. Lil Jon repetitively brags about his extensive and diverse drug use in a simplistic chorus, “I’m a J, I’m A J/All I do is smoke weed all day/I’m a J, I’m a J/All I do is pop pills all day.” Crunk ain’t dead? Let’s just hope Lil Jon’s chain is true.

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Written by on 10/21/07

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