Lafayette Stokely - Comin’ From the City

Artist: Lafayette Stokely

Producer: Handbook

Album: Life's Journey: Life Goes On

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Lafayette Stokely might be Comin’ From the City, but if you live in a more rural area, don’t worry; his intoxicating, energetic style isn’t just for urbanites. Setting the stage on this vibrant effort, Handbook stretches a soulful sample over an effervescent, cascading rhythm section. While he might be from Orlando, Lafayette explains that he is no stranger to plenty of other bustling cities. It’s no wonder that wherever he goes feels like home, because his speedy, personable flow is so refreshing that it will make a fan out of everyone, regardless of their geographical location. Comin’ From the City is comin’ from Stokely’s Life’s Journey: Life Goes On EP, scheduled for release this fall.

Lafayette Stokely Indie

Written by on Aug 08, 2013

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