Kurtis Blow Jr. - Real Thing

Artist: Kurtis Blow Jr.

Producer: Boi-1da

Album: Californacation Mixtape

Avg Rating: 32101 3.9 ( 15 votes )


Trying to make your own name as a rapper is pretty tough when you are the son of a Hip-Hop legend, just ask JoJo and Diggy. However, Kurtis Blow Jr. knows he has the talent, and is ready to embrace all the comparisons and negativity that people have to throw at him. Off his Californacation Mixtape, coming out sometime in September, new leak Real Thing serves as both a world premiere, and as his first Booth feature. With a little help from mega hit producer Boi-1da, who has worked with everyone from Eminem to Lil Wayne, Blow Jr. gets to start his Booth career over some nice, soulful sampled production that any rapper would love to put their flow over. Lyrically, Kurtis, like his father, knows how to be assertive without being vulgar and spits some hard punchlines, but in a clean cut kind of way. Already on his fourth mixtape, Jr. is a rising young gun in the game and will likely become a regular presence on our pages for years to come. I guess the mic doesn’t fall too far from the…um…mic stand, huh?

Kurtis Blow Jr. Premiere

Written by JRTheWriter on 08/12/10

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"Strings & Louis V" (2011)

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1 Songs

Kurtis Blow Jr.


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