KRS-One & Marley Marl - Hip Hop Lives

Artist: KRS-One & Marly Marl

Producer: Marly Marl

Album: Hip Hop Lives

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OK, The Teacher has stepped up to the mic; so everyone please take out your number two pencils and take notes to the new single Hip-Hop Lives.  Masterful wordsmith KRS-One and legendary producer Marley Marl have teamed up to educate those who claim that “Hip-Hop is dead,” in order to help them see that Hip-Hop, itself, is a culture and will never die out.  From explaining what the definition of Hip-Hop means to breaking it down into molecules by suggesting that various acronyms make up the term, KRS-One proves that Hip-Hop will not only remain as a reverent force in music, but also as a culture.

KRS-One & Marly Marl

Written by on Apr 04, 2007

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