KRS-One & Buckshot - The Way I Live

Artist: KRS-One & Buckshot

Featuring: Mary J. Blige

Producer: Black Milk

Album: Survival Skills

Avg Rating: 43211 4.2 ( 16 votes )


Hip hop’s relationship with age is a conflicted one; young’uns lack the life experience to appreciate the roots of the game, while the genre’s founding fathers risk being labeled “washed-up” for failing to cater to new listeners. Despite all this, the 40-year-old KRS-One and fellow vet Buckshot seem to have found the hip hop fountain of youth, and they’ve joined forces to showcase their timeless freshness on a collaborative LP, entitled Survival Skills (due out September 15th).  On third single The Way I Live, the twosome mix up the perfect set of ingredients to spark heads’ interest.  Featuring the Queen of R&B herself, Ms. Mary J. Blige,  this track is packed with the kind of wisdom and freshness that only seasoned veterans can bring to the table.  With crisp rhymes from KRS and Buck, a classic MJB hook, and a beat by well-respected producer Black Milk, this cut will keep young’un’s and oldsters alike coming back for more.

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KRS-One & BuckshotMary J. Blige

Written by BK2LV on 09/7/09

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