Kourvioisier - Cable in the Classroom

Artist: Kourvioisier

Producer: Laphelle

Album: Cable in the Classroom EP

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Back in high school, the only time an in-school TV came in handy was during March Madness, when a bunch of us would flock to the “cool” teacher’s lounge to watch a game. If having Cable in the Classroom was half as dope as Kourvioisier’s latest effort, then we probably should have used it more. Producer Laphelle provides the mellow production, which is equipped with some dope samples (see Eminem and Pharcyde), perfectly suited to Kourvioisier’s agile, raspy flow. In his verses, the artist drops some serious knowledge, schooling listeners on the ins and outs of the game. Cable in the Classroom, which includes the previously-featured Write Brothers, is the title track off Kourvioisier’s latest EP, out now.

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Written by on May 06, 2013

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