Kontact & Black Knight ft. Wordsmith, K. Sparks, Rickie Jacobs & Tese Fever - Mic Checka

Artist: Kontact & Black Knight

Featuring: Wordsmith, K. Sparks, Rickie Jacobs

Producer: Certified

Album: Eye of the Storm Mixtape

Avg Rating: 43211 4.1 ( 10 votes )



On the latest single off their forthcoming, NU Revolution-presented mixtape, Kontact & Black Knight take a page from Das EFX’ book, declaring themselves professional ‘Mic Checka‘s. Joining the duo over Certified‘s retro-informed production, Wordsmith, K. Sparks, Rickie Jacobs and Tese Fever supplement the headliners’ bars with a little mic murder of their own. If this action-packed ensemble cut has left you craving more, you can findmore freshness on Kontact & Black Knight’s Eye of the Storm mixtape, set to drop July 25.

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Written by on Jul 12, 2011

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