Kobi Onyame - Heartbeat

Artist: Kobi Onyame

Producer: Kobi Onyame

Album: Green Green Grasses

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Before I heard London emcee Kobi Onyame‘s latest effort, I was expecting something similar to Dreams, a catchy, high energy track, which was first featured at the Booth back in July. Boy, was I ever wrong. On Heartbeat, Kobi shows his versatility with a edgy, extremely emotional cut. Onayme pulls double duty, composing the heavy beat, set off by soulful piano instrumentals and rhyming about the struggles to reach ones lofty goals no matter what obstacles stand in the way. Atlanta’s own Danay Marieny lends her chalky vocals to the chorus, making the record powerful and all the more haunting. Heartbeat can be found on Kobi’s Green Green Grasses album, which serves as a warm-up project for his Greener Pastures EP, scheduled for early 2013.

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Written by Lucas G. on 11/8/12

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Haatsville Records

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Dreams" (2012)

Total DJ Booth Features:
3 Songs / 1 Albums

Kobi Onyame


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