Ko*Starz - Slap Ya Engineer

Artist: Ko*Starz

Producer: Circut & Flynt

Album: The EP

Avg Rating: 32101 3.6 ( 24 votes )


Having received mixed reviews on previously featured records New Text Message, New Neighbor, and 18 & Up, Young Starr, K Rich, and R.Dott of the Ko*Starz are back for a fourth go round, this time with a record centered around a classic Wu-Tang sample (from Ghostface Killah‘s verse on Older Gods); sick of all the lame rappers in the game, they plot to “walk up in ya studio time, Slap Ya Engineer,” and tell the artist to get out so some new talent can take his place.  Produced by Circut & Flynt, Slap Ya Engineer is an anthem for everyone who’s sick of the state of the industry and is ready to take action.  Fans should stay tuned to the Booth, since Ko*Starz are slated to contribute to our exclusive freestyle series


Written by on Jan 25, 2009

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