Knowledge Medina - The 9mm

Artist: Knowledge Medina

Producer: Soul Theory

Album: The Flow Documentary EP

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The 9 millimeter gun has been a constant presence in hip-hop since it turned from the earlier disco approach to reflecting the streets and neighborhoods from which the rappers came. Knowledge Medina brings forth a new song dedicated to exactly that infamous firearm on The 9mm, off his forthcoming The Flow Documentary EP, set for free release on Tuesday, July 5. Over a simple, yet menacing beat from The Soul Theory, Medina takes on an anthropomorphic tone as the gun pleads with him to follow a life of crime to remedy his personal ills and lack of financial stability. Giving an inanimate object that kind of personality and character is a (not entirely) novel concept, but does it hit its intended target? Share your thoughts with the Booth in the comments below.

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Written by on Jun 27, 2011

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