Kidz in the Hall ft. Colin Munroe - Take Over the World

Artist: Kidz In The Hall

Featuring: Colin Munroe

Producer: Double-O and Just Blaze

Album: Land of Make Believe

Avg Rating: 32101 3.6 ( 18 votes )


Thanks to years of putting out consistently quality music Kidz in the Hall have earned widespread respect among hip-hop heads, but emcee Naledge and producer Double O have yet to truly break through into the national spotlight. As Naledge said in a recent DJBooth interview, the duo are in their “almost famous” stage. In an obvious attempt to make that leap into the majors they’ve released their new single Take Over the World, a cut they crucially make radio friendly without losing their sense of self, even if Naledge does occasionally dip into Drake inspired, auto-tuned territory. In contrast to their previous offering, the minimally heavy (and breast-obsessed) Out to Lunch, on Take Over the World Double O crafts an enjoyable beat that increasingly popular hook provider Colin Munroe tops off with an eminently sing-along-able hook. So how about it Booth? Do the Kidz have the sonic skills to conquer the globe? We’ll find out for sure when their new album Land of Make Believe, drops this Tuesday, March 9.

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Kidz In The HallColin Munroe

Written by on Mar 07, 2010

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