Kidd Skilly - Motor City Punjab

Artist: Kidd Skilly

Producer: DJ Robby

Album: UnderCover SuperStar Mixtape

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As far as genre-melding goes, the fusion of hip-hop and bhangra really isn’t that much of a stretch. Both rely heavily on rhythm and percussion, and each has its own dance component that has evolved symbiotically along with it. While the combination has yet to gain mainstream appeal in the USA, artists like Kid Skilly are doing their best to help it along. His new single, Motor City Punjab, is a half English, half Punjabi pop jam. The Mexican-Indian Detroit native’s vocals fall somewhere between singing and rapping, and come across as a sort of festive chant. Producer DJ Robby contributes a Detroit beat with a Far East twist. Motor City Punjab will appear on his new mixtape, UnderCover SuperStar Mixtape, available on September 11.

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Written by on Aug 24, 2008

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