Kidd Skilly ft. Akon - Ni Sohniye

Artist: Kidd Skilly

Featuring: Akon

Producer: Akon

Album: TBA

Avg Rating: 32101 3.8 ( 38 votes )


Punjabi-American MC, Kidd Skilly, is looking to bring his culture to the forefront of the hip-hop world.  To help the Detroit resident achieve that goal, international hit maker Akon was recruited for the new single, Ni Sohniye (translation, my pretty lady).  While Kon steals the show with an out-of-this-world hook and solid production, Kidd does his part as well, spitting game to all the sohniyes in the building.  With formulaic rap ruling the airwaves, most listeners want some variety; Ni Sohniye should satisfy their appetites.

Kidd SkillyAkon

Written by on Dec 27, 2007

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