Kidd Kidd - I Am

Artist: Kidd Kidd

Producer: Fire Beats

Album: F**k The Fame

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History is bound to repeat itself for those you don’t learn from the past. But if you’re Kidd Kidd, you take the best from the past and rewrite it into the future so it benefits you to the max. On his latest video single, I Am, the New Orleans native boils down the essence of some of Hip-Hop’s greats over production by Fire Beats, while learning from their mistakes in order to cook up the best possible amalgamation of talent he could attain. If you took Kanye when he’s mad, T.I. without all of the guns, Gucci and Jeezy in the same cell, and threw it all in a pot with Big Daddy Kane and Soul Tape Fab, you’d get the American Trap Star himself, Kidd Kidd. That’s a high bar to set for yourself, especially with a new EP dropping soon. But that’s the kind of big talk I expected from a G-Unit affiliate. F**k The Fame arrives soon; will the title hold true?

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Written by Bryan H on 05/6/14

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