Kia Shine - My New Styles (1st 48)

Artist: Kia Shine

Producer: Kia Shine and Slice Tee

Album: The K.U.S.H.

Avg Rating: 10321 1.9 ( 32 votes )


Kia Shine used to be Krispy, but now he’s back and hurtin’ em with his new styles.  My New Styles (1st 48) is a far cry from the Tennessee-bred artist’s last single, because this time he strays from pretty-boy flashiness and delves into the signature Memphis grit that makes this single ride-worthy.  The track, produced by Kia and Memphis’ Slice Tee, is a Guide to Being Killer-Fly, and the Memphis emcee explains how to kill it with his freshness.  With the production offering a duality of strict harshness and laid-back coolness (thanks to several Beastie Boy samples), Shine’s new styles are refreshingly reminiscent of his rap rivals, Three 6 Mafia.  Hoping to bring back Memphis rider music this summer, the self-proclaimed “Airplane Man” will drop his forthcoming The KUSH (K.rispy U.nderrated S.outhern H.ustler) mixtape and DVD, in August.

Kia Shine

Written by on May 08, 2008

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