Khary Durgans ft. Fresh Daily - The Yellow Raincoat Pt. 3

Artist: Khary Durgans

Featuring: Fresh Daily

Producer: Proflogik

Album: The Yellow Raincoat Series

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Back in June, Khary Durgans lit the fuse on a monthly series dedicated to his signature article of clothing with The Yellow Raincoat Pt. 5. (For some reason, he decided to liberate the tracks in reverse order.) We missed July’s entry, but we’re jumping back on the bandwagon for the latest installment—which is third, regardless of which way you’re counting. To back his quirky bars, the Rhode Island representative jacks another Proflogik instrumental off Soundcloud. (Don’t worry, though; the beatsmith is cool with it.) Not glimpsed in the Booth since 2012’s Submarine Bass Face, B.K. repper Fresh Daily resurfaces on the final verse. Feeling it? Then stay tuned for future standouts in the Yellow Raincoat saga. Fans who want to look just like Durgan can also purchase a raincoat of their very own from the artist’s official site.

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Written by on Aug 20, 2014

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