Kevin Lester - Hear Me Go

Artist: Kevin Lester

Producer: Rauzan Rahman (Trytoplay)

Album: Everything You Love, You Hate EP

Avg Rating: 32101 3.3 ( 4 votes )



Let’s play a quick round of “What’s that sample?!” No, seriously, please let me know if you know the sample used on Kevin Lester’s Hear Me Go, because it’s driving me crazy. Producer Rauzan Rahman (Trytoplay) crafts a clapping beat, which is centered around a chopped vocal sample that sounds like Nintendo villain, Wario. While that sample is haunting me, I think I can get over it thanks to Lester’s effort atop the hectic boardwork. As the beat cranks, the Booth newcomer steps up to the plate and smashes one out of the park with a razor sharp flow, used to spit liquor-doused, party centered bars perfect for getting your weekend started off right. Fans of Hear Me Go won’t have to wait long to hear more, as Lester’s Everything You Love, You Hate EP is set to drop in early April.

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Written by on Mar 22, 2013

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