Keor Meteor x Cor Stidak - Hiking Hillz

Artist: Keor Meteor

Featuring: Cor Stidak

Producer: Keor Meteor, cuts by RenRok

Album: Widespread Irregularity

Avg Rating: 43210 4.3 ( 10 votes )



I’ll admit it: normally, I am pretty lazy. I would much rather seek out new music or watch TV than visit gym or go on a hike, especially when it is a million degrees outside. I have to say, though, Hiking Hillz with Booth newcomers Keor Meteor and Cor Stidak is one journey I would be happy to take… again. Producer Keor matches the record’s title with his jazzy boardwork, which features a smooth piano riff reminiscent of a leisurely stroll on a spring day. Cor Stidak on the other hand brings a bit of power to the record, delivering his tongue-twisting bars with impressive finesse and fluidity. If this relaxed cut is your speed, than be sure to take a listen to Stidak and Meteor’s joint album, Widespread Irregularity, available online as of March.

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Written by on Apr 11, 2013

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