Kennedy Rothchild - Work It Out

Artist: Kennedy Rothchild

Producer: Kennedy Rothchild

Album: The New Black

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Booth newcomer Kennedy Rothchild is a born mediator; no matter how deep the disagreement, the ATLien artist and producer can help you Work It Out. Don’t believe me? Take a listen to his latest single, which finds him repairing the turbulent, often-strained relationship between hard-rock and hip-hop. This joint’s aural building blocks—fuzzed-out guitar noodling, Hendrix-esque sung vocals, syrupy-slow flows, marching-band brass—couldn’t be more eclectic, but the artist manages to shape it all into a surprisingly harmonious whole. Rothchild also directs the official video, whose surreal, chaotic imagery perfectly captures the record’s vibe. Like what you’re hearing? Then stay tuned; The New Black as yet lacks a drop date, but we’ll keep you posted on the project as further details emerge.

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Written by on Nov 13, 2013

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