Kembe X - Village Over Everything

Artist: Kembe X

Producer: Nez & Rio, Rozart Beats and Peter Cottontale

Album: Soundtrack II Armageddon EP

Avg Rating: 43211 4.1 ( 13 votes )


I don’t know what they are putting in the water in the Chi, but promising young emcees have been coming out of the woodwork at a downright astonishing rate. Just when you think all the talent has been unearthed, along comes Booth newcomer Kembe X with Village Over Everything. When you can spit bars like Kembe, you need the proper production to allow your bars to hit even harder. Perhaps that’s why this record required contributions from four producers. Nez & Rio, Rozart Beats and Peter Cottontale all team up behind the boards to concoct an edgy, mysterious beat which complements Kembe’s caustic, accelerated flow. Kembe’s flow and wordplay, along with Visual Mecca‘s seemingly post-apocalyptic visuals, give this song an edgy, frenzied vibe. Village Over Everything can be found on Kembe X’s Soundtrack II Armageddon EP, out now.

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Written by on May 09, 2013

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