Kel Spencer - Aspirations

Artist: Kel Spencer

Producer: Niyi

Album: The Appetizer

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Whereas many up-and-coming artists dream of fame and fortune, Booth newcomer Kel Spencer has just a few down-to-earth Aspirations. In fact, they pretty much boil down to one: if he can be the man that fulfills a certain girl’s every need, then the rest is gravy. Niyi handles production, serving up a blissfully mellow synth instrumental to back the artist’s lightly-Autotuned vocals. Complete with some of the most creative bridge lyrics I’ve ever heard (I kid because I love), this refreshing cut and much more can be found on Spencer’s The Appetizer street album, coming in September.

Kel Spencer DownloadsR&B/Pop

Written by on Aug 04, 2011

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