KeKe Palmer - The Game Song

Artist: KeKe Palmer

Producer: The Clutch

Album: So Uncool

Avg Rating: 21021 2.7 ( 25 votes )


The hi-tech growth of video games over the past decade has been remarkable; just ask Keke Palmer.  The young singer, who recently released her debut album So Uncool, laments over her lost love on The Game Song (Joystick).  An ode, if you will, to men who choose their PlayStation 3 and Madden NFL over their women, the song is a lot more realistic than people might think.  Producers, The Clutch, use a plethora of video-game-sounds for the beat; a formula which will stick in the heads of most listeners.  While Keke may be young and her music intended for a teen-pop audience, almost anyone can relate to having a relationship sour because of a hobby’s interference.

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Written by on Oct 29, 2007

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