Kato - Day 1 Homies

Artist: Kato

Featuring: Irv Da PHENOM!, Futuristic, Chris Webby

Producer: Kato

Album: Kato's Revenge

Avg Rating: 43211 4.0 ( 4 votes )



Sometimes, excessive features are used to cover up some sort of shortcoming in a song. Sometimes, however, a beat is just so damn epic, it deserves a few extra emcees. The latter is clearly the case with Kato‘s Day 1 Homies. Though you might not know the beatsmith’s name, rest assured, if you are regular Booth visitor, you have heard his handiwork. On Day 1 Homies, he steps away from his ATL-based production collective, SMKA, but retains the same raucous, hard-hitting vibe that characterizes his collaborative work. In fact, his swaying trap-synth beat is so gaudy and flavorful that it remains the record’s highlight despite brash guest 16s from Irv Da Phenom, Futuristic and Chris Webby. Day 1 Homies will be part of the producer’s next album, Kato’s Revenge, due out later this year.

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Written by Lucas G. on 01/2/14

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