Kat DeLuna - Calling You

Artist: Kat DeLuna

Producer: RedOne

Album: Unreleased

Avg Rating: 21021 2.9 ( 23 votes )


With all the music industry’s potential pitfalls, it seems the one thing an artist can always count on is his or her devoted fan base.  Such is the case with the genre-transcending Kat DeLuna; after dealing with low-charting singles and the cancellation of her debut album’s re-release, the Dominican Republic native decided not to attach her new single to any album, but rather to dedicate it exclusively to her fans.  On Calling You, Kat maintains the same musical combination that has made her successful thus far; her strong voice once again sails the sound waves of RedOne‘s strong production, calling everyone to the dance floor.  Anyone who isn’t impressed might want to remember that a song like Calling You is not meant for computer speakers.  Spin it in the club, however, and it’s on!

Kat DeLuna Club

Written by on Aug 12, 2008

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