Kami De Chukwu x Tokyo Shawn - For the People

Artist: Kami De Chukwu

Producer: Thelonious Martin

Album: New Kids on the Blog

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Kami De Chukwu and Tokyo Shawn may be part of Chance the Rapper‘s SAVEMONEY collective, but padding their retirement accounts isn’t the sole, or even the primary motivation behind their hustle. Above all, they do what they do For the People. On their mutual debut feature, freshly-released as a single off Sandlot.tv and Mostly Junk Food‘s next compilation album, the Chi-town natives share their philosophy on the industry, cautioning their peers against falling for label heads’ empty promises (Kami spits, “The devil take you mountainside to tempt you for your 10 percent / You’ll never touch the mountain’s top unless you should invest in him / Guess again…”). Thelonious Martin backs their bars with a wailing guitar/vocal sample (Anyone ID the source?). Fans will be able to find this thought-provoking joint and many more fresh cuts from the game’s hottest emerging artists on New Kids on the Blog,, dropping digitally in the near future.

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Written by on May 13, 2013

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