Kal Duzay - The Likk

Artist: Kal Duzay

Producer: Audio Dope

Album: Diamond Scarz

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Back in August, Kal Duzay hit the DJBooth at Top Speed, earning an average of 3.9 stars for his debut feature. It appears he has another, albeit slower gear, however, with evidence appearing in the form of The Likk. While the ride is a tinge slower, the result is a more substantial listen. Producer Audio Dope, who was also responsible for the production work on Top Speed, starts the crawl process, creating a dripping, foggy landscape thanks to a windy synth and unique, echoing effects. The beat is a nice contrast to Duzay’s blunted approach, which is used to tell a story of a dangerous, opportunistic vixen who has her eyes on the green. Like Top Speed, The Likk is slated to appear on the November-bound mixtape, Diamond Scarz.

Update: Click “Watch Video” above or scroll down (for mobile) to view Kal Duzay’s Cricket “The Visionary”-directed The Likk visual.

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Written by Lucas G. on 12/9/13

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"Top Speed" (2013)

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2 Songs

Kal Duzay


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