K. Sparks - Visual Sound

Artist: K. Sparks

Producer: T-Mos

Album: Manic Mondays (#12)

Avg Rating: 43210 4.4 ( 36 votes )


When we featured K. Sparks’ eleventh Manic Mondays installment, Young Malcolm, last week, some listeners predicted that the emcee would be hard-pressed to top the record.  This week, Sparks has done just that with a story of what he calls Visual Sound.  Linking two separate stories (one of a woman tormented by sexual abuse, and the other of a man whose all-too-frequent long evenings result in the contraction of HIV), Sparks highlights the common result; the constant question of “Why me?”  Over a low-toned, classic-sampled beat by T-Mos, Visual Sound proves Sparks’ true depth as an artist, and his message will undoubtedly make listeners think real hard.

K. Sparks

Written by on 11/16/08

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