DJ Bobby Bob
Manic Mondays (#29)

Whether he’s blasting his critics with aggressive punchlines or simply reflecting as he watches the Rain, K. Sparks unique lyrical style can almost always be described as “intense.”  On Manic Monday number 29, however, the Queens native shows that even he needs to relax once in a while—taking a leisurely Sunday Drive through the streets of his city, the Queens native kicks back and enjoys the fact that everything seems to be going his way (for the most part).  Sparks manages to convey his mellow mood without sacrificing the complexity of his flow, and, as always, he shows an uncanny knack for choosing a beat to fit his lyrical mood (or vice versa)—here, DJ Bobby Bob pairs jazz organ with synth-strings, giving the cut a laid-back yet thoughtful vibe.  Booth readers will be happy to hear that Sparks and Bobby Bob have much more in store; in the rapper’s own words, “...myself and Bobby are working on a lot of new material, so we’ll be droppin a lot of dope joints soon for ya’ll until our project is ready to be released…”

K. Sparks

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Posted 6 years ago

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