K. Sparks - Kickin Rhymes

Artist: K. Sparks

Featuring: J.D. of Duality

Producer: Gym Krow

Album: The Trilogy Chapter 2 [Presented by Kevin Nottingham]

Avg Rating: 43211 4.1 ( 32 votes )


When you’re as good at what you do as reader favorite, freestyle series contributor and all-around on-the-mic powerhouse K. Sparks, do you really need a concept in order to craft a high-caliber cut? Nah – for proof, just take a listen to the Queens phenom’s latest mixtape leak, a joint whose premise is as basic as it gets: “We be Kickin Rhymes, we be kickin rhymes, we be kickin we be kickin we be kickin rhymes…” And so on. A new addition to the artist’s roster of producers, Gym Crow proves a perfect match for Sparks’ style, serving up a sunny, summery, keyboard-driven sample as the emcee delivers his agile, allusive bars. Frequent partner-in-rhyme J.D. (True Dat, Rider...) takes center stage on the second and fourth verses, mixing wit with spirituality: “The present has my afterlife in check, you can cash that.” Fans can find this cut and plenty more of Sparks’ collaborative work on the Kevin Nottingham-presented second installment of The Trilogy; the Booth-sponsored Chapter 1 is, of course, still available for streaming and download!

Download Kickin Rhymes at RefinedHype.com!

K. SparksJ.D. of Duality

Written by on 07/21/10

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