Jus Bleezy ft. Trey Songz - Like Me

Artist: Jus Bleezy

Producer: Twayne

Album: Real Talk

Avg Rating: 32121 3.1 ( 8 votes )


When Nelly was introducing his Country Grammar to the world, another St. Louis MC had already been running his city’s local scene for eight years.  Continuing a career that started with the ‘92 single, Women Ain’t All That Bad, and nearly ended with a failed deal at Universal, rapper Jus Bleezy gets his “grown and sexy on” with the new single, Like Me.  Even though Bleezy is a man who knows what he wants, the Midwest-native stays respectful and positive towards the club-bound ladies he’s trying to bag.  In need of a powerfully sung hook, in this case provided by Trey Songz, Bleezy shows his ability to judge current R&B talent.  Like Me could receive numerous spins, but will Jus Bleezy be able to show his fellow STL representatives whose boss?  Find out when his new album, Real Talk, is released later this year.

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Written by on Jan 21, 2008

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